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Long-lasting garments that give pleasure for a long time. Timelessly beautiful and stylish.

All talk about sustainability. The fact that the fashion industry is anything but sustainable and that textiles are often produced under inhumane conditions in low-wage countries, that mountains of plastic waste for packaging and a high amount of fossil fuels for transport devour, is the reality.

Consumers support this development with their purchasing decisions. Cheap textile brands and cheap textile retailers are booming. A vicious circle, from which one can escape however simply.

What however many humans, straight within the range clothing overlook, are very fast and simply on the point brought: Who buys cheaply, buys expensively!

If e.g. Jersey (T-Shirts and loose upper parts) after one or twice washing twists or loses its form, was the circular knitting machine, which produced the Jersey, on speed however not adjusted to lastingness. Often the yarn used is of inferior quality. If these products look bad after a short time, they also dampen the appearance of the wearer. Washed-out colours, poorly fitting parts are no fun. On the contrary, they weaken the appearance.

Sustainable buying means „less is more“.

It makes commercial sense to wear clothes that are produced with the focus on quality, preferably in one’s own country.

In addition, beautiful clothes are a pleasure. Custom-made clothing has many advantages:

One is unique through one’s clothing, contributes sustainably to the protection of the planet and stands up against an ill-considered throw-away society.

Cooperating with my customers gives everyone great pleasure:

I always hear that having enough time and space is the new form of luxury. No overflowing cupboards, stuffed with frustrating things, but a clearly arranged room in which you can see all the beautiful clothes and choose them with pleasure. Then the day begins with ease through unique personal clothing.

Yours, Aniko

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