Aniko is a fashion designer by vocation. Creation is her life, versatility is her freedom.
Her fashion is stylish, type-appropriate and trend independent. Aniko exclusively uses European fabrics of the highest quality, some of which she designs herself.
Aniko’s collections are characterized by lightness, freedom and elegance. They underline the individual beauty of the wearer.
Stand by your personality, become your own brand!

Who's Aniko?

“My job on earth is to bring beauty and joy.”

Aniko Balazs is a fashion designer in Vienna with international roots.
She regards design, especially fashion design, as a joyful expression of creative intelligence. Aniko only uses her first name as an artist’s name because it is easy to pronounce in all languages.

“The dark side of Snow White”


Chili Candy is a stylistic tightrope walk between Rock, Gothic, Fantasy and Dirndl. The extravagant urban Dirndl collection for your performance of the extra class at traditional festivities. The Dirndl tradition reinterpreted for a self-confident wearer.

“Play with style”

The label for all women who stand for a clear, strong and stylish appearance at any age. Every woman who lives her personal style looks fantastic.
Choose your urban and elegant outfit from the collection and change it to your personal style.

Solutions for all style questions. For women of all ages, as individual and beautiful as they may be.

“Indigenous craft from Africa meets industry 4.0”


“Princesse des Sables” is a collection that has its finger on the pulse of our time. Fashion collection and social project in one, this line proves that sustainable and social can be very chic.

Aniko’s next project is based on the designer’s personal experiences in Morocco, described in her book “Journey Between Worlds”. A story like from 1,001 Nights, only that it was really lived.


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