“My fuel is enthusiasm. That’s why I enjoy inventing new things all the time.”

Aniko has three basic values. Freedom, lightness and elegance.
Freedom is based on responsibility, lightness on strength and elegance on intelligence. And Aniko has been observing the fashion industry system for many years. Fashion is and remains a mirror of society. Our society is now and is developing in a historical paradigm shift. With this in mind, Aniko FabStyleLab has created the innovative system for fashion and design.

“I don’t limit fashion to its materiality, but want to give it creative freedom and lightness in a digitalized, i.e. disruptive context.”

Aniko and the international fashion industry

“I enjoy working with industry because my goal is to do something about the “clumping” of our world.”

As I said, design is intelligence. Of course, design objects that are distributed via large, industrial structures have a different significance than individual pieces. And that’s what makes it so exciting! To create a product that is designed precisely and focused, yet generally accessible and yet does not sink into insignificance. That is the challenge!


Aniko has been successfully active in the fashion and design business for many years now.
Her collections will be presented to the international fashion world during the most important Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan. In addition, Aniko continues to develop its most innovative project, FabStyleLab, and thus actively contributes to the pulse of the times and the future of fashion.


Born in Vienna with Hungarian parents, Aniko completed her entire schooling at the Lycée Français de Vienne and then studied fashion design in Paris, the capital of fashion. After completing her studies with distinction from Sonia Rykiel personally the now finished designer was engaged directly from her diploma show into the studio of Christian Dior. After several stops in various couture houses in Paris, Aniko went back to Vienna to build her own Design and Couture Studio at Dorotheergasse 5, 1010 Vienna.

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