Ball dresses with system

Aniko designs ball gowns that are multi-optional.
The basic dress forms the core of the design. It is complemented by variable parts that give your ball gown a new look time and time again.

You can visit several balls in ever-changing outfits. With a single ball gown from ANIKO.
Each ball gown is unique!

Just for you – Your ball gown, specially created for you

In the exclusive frame of the studio ANIKO COUTURE SALON your ball gown will be designed and manufactured especially for you.
So your glamorous appearance on every ball is not only stylistically confident, but you can also be aware that your ball gown only shines on you.

Your ball gown – tailor-made for you. Perfect for the next ball.
From approx. € 2,000, –

ball gowns service “Refresh”

We redesign your existing ball gown to make it look like new again.
You bring us your ball gown and we create for you a new, fresh look from the dress you already have.

From € 300,-

ball gowns service “Revival”

You bring us your prom dress and we’ll see if it still fits.
If not, we can make it smaller or larger so that it fits perfectly again. We can certainly place one or the other beautiful effect, so that you can radiate in it again.

From € 300,-

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