Your wedding dress made especially for you!

They are unmistakable! It is obvious that your wedding dress is made especially for you. Your style, your measurements, your appearance, your ideas, your world.

Configure your wedding dress yourself!

You can configure your wedding dress from design modules or style elements according to your ideas or you can design your dress freely. The designer Aniko accompanies you in this process. The dress of your dreams is within reach!

Note for Wedding Planners:

Aniko also designs dresses for the bride’s mother, bridesmaids and wedding guests to match the theme of the wedding.


Your wedding dress – only for one day?

Aniko designs your wedding dress in such a way that you can use different parts of it later – for other festive occasions or even in everyday life. So the piece – with all its beautiful memories – will continue to accompany you through life.

Variations of a wedding dress. This is one and the same wedding dress!

You will receive a designer wedding dress made to measure and can also combine it differently.

  • Cool: white leather bustier with jeans
  • As wedding dress with tulle & white roses
  • Relaxed with turquoise stole for a summer party
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