The Upcycling Program from Aniko

Once upon a time there was a dark blue business suit by Armani.

He did a good job for a few seasons. Then he disappeared into the shallows of the wardrobe … after about 10 years he tumbled back into the light – more by chance.

With <em>”My God, I still have that!” </em> the greeting was rather emotionless, if you consider … after such a long time …

<em>”Well, look at me.”</em> A critical look always hits you hard.

<em>”You can’t wear your pants like that anymore. And the blazer is also no longer up to date – so throw it away.”</em>

<em>”No! How can you throw me away?! After such a long time! And at all. I am something special and at least from Armani.”</em>

<em>”Has something…”</em>

The business suit ended up in <strong>Atelier</strong> from <strong>Aniko</strong>. Aniko looked at him and had with her “Style up! – the solution!

Now neither good nor business is an issue, the suit is just a favourite piece!

Bring me your forgotten and faded parts and I will make new favorites out of them!

It’s fun and your old parts are certainly worth it. Or we can throw them away together.

I look forward to your visit, see you soon!
Aniko and her team

Your favorite pieces need a redesign?

Whether T-shirt, elegant evening gown or favourite jeans, bring them to the studio and conjure up a new look in your old clothes together with Aniko.

Aniko opens her studio according to the motto “From old to new”. Your own favourite pieces are placed in the spotlight as a source of inspiration and a new outfit is created from them.

There are three "change modes" to choose from:

  • “low budet”:
    Simple styling such as shorter or longer for sleeves or hem. Or your part will shine with new buttons or ribbons.
    (1/2 hour manual work plus consultation) € 50.-
  • “take it easy”:
    p.e. Your jacket or dress will be redesigned in style
    or their trousers or skirt is changed including waistband.
    (1 hour manual work plus consultation) € 149.-
  • “full speed”:
    bigger re-styling e.g. to revive your ball gown or to make it suitable for everyday use. But maybe a blouse needs a new collar or rather new sleeves?
    (1 1/2 hours manual work plus consultation) € 199.-

Anything is possible! So also a very elaborate redesign à la Carte.

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