Series: Unmistakable me. My personal style, my wardrobe at the point. Part 2/3

With the personal style of your business clothing you communicate directly with your environment. Your clothing is your non-verbal means of communication that you can use.

Your fellow men and colleagues or employees get a clear picture of you. However, you can influence this picture.

Every woman wants to look good. But what does a perfect outfit mean?

An outfit is perfect if it underlines the personality and figure of the wearer and he flatters. Important here are authenticity, security and that you feel comfortable.

Your expression counts.

Therefore an important question is, which intention you pursue in your life, the professional world and in the enterprise and which exactly your statement should be. Your message.

Be your own ambassador!

A further important question is: how do I win my counterpart? Whether now with contract negotiations or other discussions.

Keyword is here the unconscious perception. Set confidently your indications, with the colors, cuts and style directions suitable for you.

My mission as a designer is thus the harmonious perfection of your Business clothing, co-ordinated with your profile. Your outfit should strengthen you as a person, be oriented towards your professional life and precisely convey your special expression.

My solution is the creation of a differentiated and personal look that wins your environment for you. With a strong statement: Feminine and clear.

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I look forward to seeing you!

Yours, Aniko

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