Three design labels with configurator. The Style Game.

Just as you could configure your car in the past, you can now configure your fashion.
Aniko has created a world novelty. With the ability to configure design collections online, it has heralded the future of fashion. Customize your style!

Business fashion, casual fashion and sophisticated summer fashion ready to wear are available in Aniko Couture Salon’s showroom. These lines can be customized according to the wishes of our customers.

You have the possibility to choose your clothing size online or you can be measured and advised in the Aniko Couture Salon, Dorotheergasse 5, 1010 Vienna.

The Rock & Gothic Dirndl label for your unique position on occasions and your performance in a class of its own at traditional festivities. The Dirndl tradition reinterpreted for a self-confident wearer.

The elegant business fashion for your clear, strong and stylish appearance in professional life. Choose your suitable outfit from the existing collection and individualise it according to your taste.
Your play with style!

Aniko’s latest label is in the making.

Aniko’s new project is based on the designer’s personal experiences in Morocco, described in her book “Travel between Worlds“.
A narrative like from 1,000 and one night, only that it is true.

“Princesse des Sables” is a collection with two faces: fashion collection and social project in one. Archaic Authenticity and Industry 4.0.

The refined summer collection for your authentic appearance in the warm season.

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