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My perfect outfit as maid of honor

The wedding of the best friend and the function as maid of honor are important events in the life of a woman. On such occasions it is a sign of appreciation and joy to dress appropriately. But often it is not so easy to find the right dress off the peg. It is easier and more time-saving to create the perfect dress in the Aniko Couture Salon according to your own style and made to measure.

Before an outfit is designed and realized in the Aniko Couture Salon, we start after a fixed appointment, always with a comprehensive style consultation, in which color and form, fabrics and cut are discussed. For this purpose, you can use already finished outfits in the Couture Salon or have the dress created as a free design.
Here, a high degree of recognition of customer wishes is required in order to translate the respective ideas into a unique tailor-made outfit.

At weddings, bridal couples often specify themes that we respect as well as consider in the design. However, we also pay attention to the fact that this wonderful dress can be repaired after the wedding for a given occasion. After the measurement, color, fabrics and cut are determined. Afterwards, the unique and tailor-made outfit is created in several steps. During the fitting all accessories as well as shoes are selected suitably.

The perfect dress for the wedding of the best friend!

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